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The New York Public Library Guild/Local 1930 represents the staff members of the New York Public Library within various titles. We represent Library Clericals, Library Technical Assistants, Library Information Assistants, Librarians at various levels, and other titles. Local 1930 was formed in 1968 as a result of the ferment caused by the civil rights, women's and anti-war movements. Since then we have continued to be an activist union. We believe libraries are the backbone of democracy and unions are the vehicle we use to defend our economic rights. We hope everyone who reads this will help carry out the tasks necessary to continue this proud tradition.

On May 1, 1968, we received our charter and Local 1930 was officially born. It was through the hard work of various individuals who had a vision. That vision was realized and some 44 years later we are still here working on protecting our members rights, enforcing our contract language and doing the best we can to remain viable in the library world.

STRUCTURE: The Membership
The membership is the highest governing body of the Union. General Membership meetings are held regularly. Meetings are usually held at the District Council 37 Headquarters at 125 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10017. But several months out of the year we take the General Membership meeting to the members by holding meetings in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island and now in Long Island City.

STRUCTURE: The Executive Board
The Executive Board carries out the policies and decisions of the Membership. Elections for the Executive Board are held once every three years and are conducted by mail ballot. The Executive Board consists of six officers and twelve members who are considered Representatives. These twelve representatives are made up of nine individuals who represent the various title groups in the library; Clericals, Librarians, Technical and Para-Professionals and finally the three Boroughs that are serviced by the New York Public Library, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. We also have three individuals who are trustees to the local. (See “The Executive Board” for a full listing and contact information.)

Through-out the years many individuals have deserve thanks for their diligent work in making Local 1930 a reality. The many individuals who have served asRepresentatives on the Executive Board, our Trustees, or update editors and web masters. We also need to thank those individuals who have chosen to take the reigns of President of Local 1930. Here is a list of those individuals who have held the reigns of President of Local 1930.

  • David Beasley           1968 - 1976
  • Katie Todd                 1976 - 1978
  • Shirley Campbell     1978 - 1980
  • Marion Porro             1980 - 1992
  • Raymond Markey     1992 - 2004
  • Lynn Taylor                2004 - 2006
  • Carol Thomas          2006 - 2010
  • Valentin Colon          2010 -


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